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Every booklet has 100 game positions with tactical actions.
You can not buy. They are extra´s as presents when you buy from our website.
Notice: we print only 100 copies from every booklet. So out of stock means realy out of stock forever.
For every title counts: maximum one booklet for every customer.
Please notice: only one booklet for free if you buy for 25 euro.
If you want more booklets, you have to buy more.
code title year how you get it price foto
CO-KR-01 Krajenbrink Combineert / Krajenbrink Combines 2021 buy a book Common Positional Play or Gewoon Positiespel free
CO-HE-01 Heusdens Combineert 1 / Heusdens Combines 1 2021 Buy for at least 25 euro. free
CO-HE-02 Heusdens Combineert 2 / Heusdens Combines 2 2021 Buy for at least 25 euro. free
CO-CH-01 Chichov Combineert / Chichov Combines 2021 Buy for at least 25 euro. free